Monday, April 27, 2009

East Side Access Project

click image to view panorama
I had the good fortune to visit a tunneling project in New York for work and got some incredible shots.  Here is a shot of the inside of the tunnel about two and a half miles from the entrance in Long Island City. We went under the East River and this location is somewhere under Manhattan. More panoramas from that trip including some at the site of the Freedom Tower can be found here.

Chariho Ball Park

click image to view 360º panorama
The Little League Ball Park in Hope Valley on a very Foggy Morning. I like this kind of weather for shooting - there is a certain quietness about foggy morning. Of course I need to get some kind of filter to remove my car from so many photos. This was shot on April 21st - I have just been very busy and haven't had much time to post.  Trying to catch up tonight.  View the field here.

Table Setting For Eight

Table for Eight - Click image for full panorama
My friend Bob went to some extraordinary lengths to set this table. What a great evening we had, thanks Bob.

Wilcox Park

While in Wilcox Park, I discovered this fountain with these kids cooling off in the water. Everything in the park was just beginning to bloom. View Here. This is in Westerly, RI, not Wakefield as I have them misidentified..sorry.

Spanish-American War Memorial

This past Saturday I visited Westerly, Rhode Island, down in the south western part of the state and discovered Wilcox Park. This beautiful park is a great place to be on the first warm day of the season. Here is the Spanish American War Memorial overlooking the park. Please note that I have this image misidentified on it's webpage as being in Wakefield...I assure you that this park in in Westerly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

West Kingston Station Panorama

I made it down to West Kingston just as the sun was rising.  I shot this as an HDR image blending 21 exposures together. I was fortunate to get such great clouds in the sky. To view the panorama click HERE. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Providence Waterfront

This is just a Sunday afternoon experiment.  I sat up my camera on the East Providence side of the Providence River and shot 38 photos of the Providence waterfront.  These were stitched together creating one large image that was just over 2GB.  The resulting image is of course much to large to share online, so I exported it from Photoshop using Zoomify. Which you can explore by zooming in to almost the same resolution I have in the original file. So check out this link, and see if you can find the puppy in the park. . . Click Here

Panoramic Exhibition Online - World Wide Panoramas

Each Equinox and Soltice I participate, along with a group of photographers from around the world, in an online exhibition. It opens today, which is the 5 year anniversary on this ongoing exhibition. I have been shooting with this group since the beginning in March of 2004. Here is the link to the main page. I think we had nearly 300 photographers shoot this time around. The site is indexed alphabetically by photographer, with thumbnails and geographically. All images are linked to a map so you can see just where in the world it was shot.  The theme for this event is Diversity. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Foggy Morning in Hope Valley

Click image to view 360º panorama

It was a foggy morning this morning on my way into work.  I left a few minutes early and got this shot in Hope Valley, near where I work. This was shot as an HDR vr which explains why the flag has so much motion. It also started to rain as I began to shoot so my lens had droplets of water all over it. But all in all I am happy with the shot, but I am still waiting for the first blooming of spring. I will likely have a great spring and summer and fall shooting in this same area. View here.