Saturday, October 19, 2013

1930 Ford

1930 Ford - Click Image for larger view
Carol and I spent the day today going from place to place. We started off in an Asian grocery store and then to Watchemoket Square Days in East Providence where I found this old truck and a comfy place to sit. I didn't get it too centered on the page -- the perils of working in ink. I could have spent more time there but there were places to go and things to see. We made it down to a place called Festival Farm in Hope Valley and stopped in several shops there as well. We met a potter and a wood turner and did some more shopping. . .we came home and did even more shopping... ending up the day at 7:00 -- and a good supper. In all I did three sketches today, and this is the one worth sharing.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pazi's Place and other things. . .

East Providence Diner - Pazi's Place - Click image for larger view
Kathy and I got out early again this morning and found another diner. This one is close to home and was a very comfortable diner filled with nostalgia..highly recommended.  I am guessing that the diner trend will continue into the winter as now it is dark until almost 7 and chilly too.
The Chapel at Wood River - Click image for larger view
Yesterday I sketched this chapel down near where I work. Not the best composition but a it is a charming little building. I have been told that there was one door for men and one door for women, as the women typically left the service early to cook Sunday dinner and it was less disruptive this way.

The Old Stone DamClick image for larger view
Another sketch from Hope Valley - this really is a pretty little village and a great area to sketch in. I have been having a good time sketching in the morning and the light is so good these days as the sun rises...
Warren Avenue Liquor Store - Click image for larger view
And a sketch from earlier this week of the Liquor store about a mile from the house. The had a fire in an apartment upstairs recently.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

West Side Diner

West Side Diner - Click image for larger view
For the past several weeks my friend Kathy and I have been getting together to sketch in the early morning hour before I have to go off to work. As winter approaches it is getting lighter much later in the morning and I have to be at the other end of the state by 7:30ish so I must leave the Providence area by 7:00. The sun now rises at 6:53 we are starting a diner and cafe tour..and I am really crap at drawing people and interiors. Last weekI did a sketch in the Seaplane Diner that was so bad it is not posted anywhere. Today in the West Side Diner I took a different route by doing a bit more of a 'journal page' in the sketchbook, filling it with little bits of information rather than a single sketch on a more grand scale. So I will post this one today and see what you all think. It's gonna be a loooooong winter

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hillside houses in Hope Valley

Hillside Houses - Click Image for Larger View
This morning I went down to the Old Stone Dam to sketch and these houses were just popping out of the hillside across the street, so they got my attention. This was interesting to sketch as the houses were sitting against a hillside that was heavily forested with tall pines and the the street in front of them wandered up the hill and disappeared into the woods. I initially though I would do a color sketch but as I progressed I liked the tonal qualities of the ink drawing. It was a great morning to sketch with good sunlight and the sound of the waterfall behind me. . .

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recent sketches

Cable Car Cinema & Cafe - Click image for larger view
I am trying to get back in the routine of getting out and sketching every day but as it is getting light so much later it makes it difficult. This morning I drove into Providence and sat across the street from the Cable Car and splashed some ink and color onto the paper. Not my best work, more of an experiment and I started it in the dark. . . I need to start to limit my palette as I think the range of color is too great here. Below is a sketch I did this past weekend out on Cape Cod...
Grays Beach - Click image for larger view
The tide was running out very fast and as I was drawing this I was watching the landscape change. Looks like a great place to bring the kayaks.