Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another Early Morning Sunrise

Best Viewed Full Screen

I was sketching this morning at the Carolina Trout Pond, off of Switch Road in Carolina, Rhode Island, and figured I might as well shoot a time lapse at the same time. I could see that the sunlight was going to creep down the trees on the other side of the pond and knew it would be a nice warm contrast to the cool blues of the remaining snow left from the storm the other day. I did forget to lock down the focus of the camera so there are some imperfections, and I wish I had a wider lens..but all things considered I am pleased with this shot. Glad for the snow on the ground. This 30 second clip represents almost one hour in real time..54 minutes I think. If you go to full screen you can spot a Great Blue Heron fishing at the far end of the pond, and a few ducks down there too in the final seconds.

My sketch was more complex than I anticipated when I started...lots of trees. I was sketching the far shore directly across the pond. I was sketching from the inside of my car as it was 18º F outside. I was up against the clock and if you follow my ramblings you know that I sketch before work up to the last minute so every one of these drawing 'has a deadline', so to speak. I did run a few minutes long today and got into the office a few minutes later than normal. But I like the results.

Across the Pond - Click image for larger view
More to come as I am confident that the weather will improve, as least it has in the past.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Morning stuff

I went out the other morning to sketch, as usual, and decided to go into Providence and shoot a time lapse as well. Here is the result of both.

Providence, Rhode Island - Click image for larger view
So I had parked in the first spot along this stretch of road and sat my camera up in front of the car and watched it click away as I sketched the scene. I do like shooting time lapse.

I always find it interesting how different my sketches are from the reality of the scene - I seem to have made some stubby buildings... and you can see in the time lapse how the light was changing.