Friday, August 30, 2013

Some recent things

Mill in Pawtucket -- Click image for larger view
I realized I havent posted in a few days so here are a few just to catch up. I think my perspective ran away with me a bit with the mill sketch above but an interesting place none the less - thanks Kathy for the location and inspiration.
Utrecht - we all need art supplies -- Click image for larger view
Another sketch before work of the Utrecht store on Wickenden street in Providence. A pretty good place to shop, the generally have most everything I need but the last time I went there they let me down with no Moleskin watercolor pad. . .
The USCG Station, Cuttyhunk - Click image for larger view
The sketch above is from our cruising last week. Cuttyhunk is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts with a year round population of 15 and I would guess several hundred during the summer.
Another view of Cuttyhunk -Click image for larger view

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some shots from the deck of Tapestry

It has been a while since I posted any photos - I got these this morning from Tapestry while we were riding at anchor.
Before sunrise, Mt. Hope Bridge - Click image for larger view
We anchored Tapestry for the night just off the shore of our friend Van and Andi's house on Prudence and spent the weekend enjoying the company of friends. This is the view of the sunrise this morning.
The color just kept coming - Click image for larger view
The color changes this morning were remarkable and the bay was like glass. I think the only rocking we did all night was when a tug passed early this morning.
The sun finally broke the horizon -Click image for larger view
Valvamous - Click image for larger view
Our friends Mark and Shirley arrived by Valvamous, a Valiant 50 that Mark has restored, what a beautiful boat. However, they forgot to provision any coffee, so I swam over and gave them their first cup of the day.
Iona McAlistar pre dawn -Click image for larger view
This is the tug that rocked the boat early this morning. She was quite a site in the predawn light.
The 'launch service' -Click image for larger view
Van provided launch service from shore to the boats

Monday, August 12, 2013

Football Practice

At football practice - Click image for larger view
Obviously you have figured out by now that in the evenings we go watch Ben practice football with the East Providence Junior Townies -- Go Townies!!!  This evening found this ice cream truck to sketch and the people sketching is pretty good too.
Spectators -Click image for larger view
These are some folks that sat in front of us the other day. Last Saturday Ben had a scrimmage down in Fall River, MA - some photos I shot here

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ma & Pa's Country Store

Country Store in Hope Valley - Click image for larger view
I didn't get as early a start this morning as I would have liked so this one was a bit rushed. I have driven past this country store many times and have always wanted to sketch it. Today was the day and I am not all that happy with the result. I should have set my stool up across the street - but I will save that for another day. I really like the jumble of crates and boxes that seem to accumulate around places like this, and that Ice locker is a classic, at least here in New England. Some day I may even come here when it is open. . . maybe I'll make it a point to come get a sandwich here for lunch one day soon.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sketching with Kathy

The Remnant Shop - Click image for larger view
This morning my good friend Kathy Weber and I met early to go sketching down in Hope Valley. She (she is the real artist, not a hack like me) has been following my doodling and wanted to go sketch there and today we finally made the time. This was my first sketch - an old mill converted to a retail outlet for fabrics. What a spectacular building and I REALLY wanted to add some color to this one. the front of this building was in shadow and I didn't know how to handle that in ink and maintain the detail. (and I may have gone a bit extreme with the perspective)

While Kathy continued to sketch some of the wonderful Victorian houses in the area I walked dow about a quarter of a mile and got his vies of a barn which is set back off the road.
Barn, Hope Valley - Click image for larger view
I am not all that happy with this one - I didn't spend much time laying it out and there seems to be a lot wrong with it. We headed back to Providence looking for something a bit more industrial and less bucolic and found this. . .
Along Allens Avenue - Click image for larger view
This was certainly an ambitious undertaking. I had skipped a page in my sketchbook so I could do a full two page spread. The plant goes on more, off to the right with all sorts of interesting things, but I just ran out of energy. . . and this ink only nonsense really makes my brain hurt. Kathy did several great sketches in pencil with wonder shades of gray. . . . oh but I long for a pencil or pigment! So this makes sketch number 39 out of the 75. I am now over half was there.

OOOPS! I checked my numbers and left out number 37! So I had to drive into Providence and sketch this. . .
Ladd Observatory - Click image for larger view
This is likely one of Providences best kept secrets. It is open to the public, on Wednesday nights (I think) and free. If the skies are clear you get to view the heavens through their giant telescope. It's like being in a Jules Verne novel.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

St Francis Xavier Church

St Francis Xavier Church - Click image for larger view
I got out sketching a couple of time today and this one is worth sharing. I spent quite a while working out the perspective and the relationship of things before I jumped into this one. I think I should have gone for a more extreme perspective , gotten closer and looked up more at the bell tower - maybe next time. I was also experimenting with some new pens made by Faber-Castell - Pitt artist pens... nice dense black. I'll try them for a while

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cool house in Richmond, RI

House in Richmond - Click image for larger view
Sat in the car in the rain this morning, drinking coffee and doodling this house which was all snuggled in the woods across from Richmond Town Hall. I parked in the town hall parking lot for about a half an hour - most of my time was spent scribbling in the trees in the back. . .

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Providence Skyline revisited

Providence Skyline from East Providence - Click image for larger view
A one hour sketch - sitting on the wall at the scenic overlook on the Parkway, six in the morning, sipping my coffee. I got some things right, some things wrong, and made up some. . . .