Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Top Of The City

I recently has the opportunity with  Vibco to get up on top of a building under construction in New York.   This building is on the corner of 36th and 5th and will ultimately have 60 floors.  It is currently at 28 stories. We took an outside cage type elevator to the 26th floor and then up wooden ladders to the top. In the picture above you can see a man holding a ladder that goes over the side.  We then climbed down this wooden ladder to the scaffolding that runs around this floor and walked completely around to the opposite side where our vibrators are being used. You can see them in the scaffolding panorama, they are the orange thing attached to the wall forms. After shooting several VR and many regular photos one of the guys asked if I got a good shot of the Empire State Building... I honestly never saw it until I started processing these photos.  When standing on the scaffolding we were looking straight down to the taxi cabs in the street! So here is a panorama of the top floor and here is a pano of the scaffolding.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

War Update

Well you just can't go away for the weekend. . . .  Here are some pix taken Monday evening of the invading forces as they make their stealthy moves by hiding in the bushes waiting for us to leave for the weekend and then spring to full height. The top photo show a boo fighter that was about 7 feet tall just outside our bedroom window that WAS NOT THERE on Friday. The middle pix shown the leader of the pack at nine feet with a few of smaller buddies. It is scary just how fast this stuff grows. And it takes you by surprise when they just 'jump up' out of the middle of the bushes. But all in all I think the forces are beginning to fade as I continue to chop them out below ground.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Bamboo Spreads

So here is yet another movie about Bamboo.  This is a scientific examination of just How Bamboo Spreads. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bamboo Wars Update

The Seventh of May
Retaliation is on the way
A guerrilla action of gnome-like warriors
When you hear "BONSAI" it's too late to start the weed wacker
keep that crazy Chaplain behind the wooden gate
Remember the fate of Buck and Becky
JIHAD!! Bamboo Ackbar!!

This was sent to me as a warning. . . . on the 7th of May!

On the 10th, Mothers Day, a bouquet of freshly plucked Bamboo was carried by a young ninja warrior back to the other side of the great bamboo wall.

Totals of Bamboo Attackers slaughtered in action to date - plucked from the battlefield!
May 1  -  63
May 9  -  46
May 10 - 6
May 11 - 12
May 12 -  9
May 13 - 17
 Battle Plans are being made!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bamboo War Continues

So the Bamboo War continues and the enemy is gathering his forces. Even a Commando Bamboo Insurgency has begun to show up. 

These photos have been sent to me apparently as a warning of things to come. The next phase of the war begins now. I cannot believe just how brazen these warriors have become.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bamboo War

Hooray, Hooray,
The First of May
The Bamboo War
Starts Today!

So it is written - so it has started. The Bamboo Warriors have begun their Great March of conquest from beyond the forbidden wall. The battle is on. These intrepid and undaunted warriors will sacrifice all to gain new territory as the do each year.  The only defense is to cut them of at their supply line which is below the surface of this great planet and fling them back to their homeland from where they came. Today sixty three warriors came and today sixty three warriors met a gruesome death at the end of a forked yard knife in the hand of the mighty Anti-Boo, foe of the Bamboo Warriors, and all the while the Hounds of Hell screamed their defiance. The epic battle between good and evil has begun. View the Battlefield.