Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bamboo Wars Update

The Seventh of May
Retaliation is on the way
A guerrilla action of gnome-like warriors
When you hear "BONSAI" it's too late to start the weed wacker
keep that crazy Chaplain behind the wooden gate
Remember the fate of Buck and Becky
JIHAD!! Bamboo Ackbar!!

This was sent to me as a warning. . . . on the 7th of May!

On the 10th, Mothers Day, a bouquet of freshly plucked Bamboo was carried by a young ninja warrior back to the other side of the great bamboo wall.

Totals of Bamboo Attackers slaughtered in action to date - plucked from the battlefield!
May 1  -  63
May 9  -  46
May 10 - 6
May 11 - 12
May 12 -  9
May 13 - 17
 Battle Plans are being made!

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