Thursday, January 8, 2009

HDR Test

This is an image I shot a few minutes ago using my Nikon D70. I shot three exposures and blended them together using a program called Photomatix. I have been experimenting with High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI or HDR) for the past three or so years, and use it frequently as a light source for 3D modeling.  I thought I would do a shot to show as an example of how it works. This happy old guy was given to me by my daughter just after she gave birth to our Grandson and 'Gramps' has been with me ever since so I thought he would be a good subject. What HDR does is use the best of the exposures to create a perfectly exposed photo (if all goes well) with good highlights and good shadows. I posted a much larger version here along with the originals. 
I shot them at F4 @ 1/10th, 1/40th and .4 of a second with an 18 - 70mm zoom at a focal length of 48mm. My tripod was out in my car (and it is cold outside) so the camera was stacked up on top of some stuff on my VR head and I used my remote shutter release to keep vibration down to a minimum. The lighting was a my incandescent desk light, nothing special. All in all I am happy with the shot and Photomatix -- I did no post work in Photoshop except to compress for web delivery. 

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Meg said...

Nice Job, Gramps!