Friday, September 27, 2013

Old Stone Dam gets a new wall

The Old Stone Dam - Click Image to View Panorama
The Old Stone Dam in Hope Valley Rhode Isalnd ha had a new wall built on the of the side of the rive as you can see in this panorama. Click on the image to view the 360º panorama.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC 56th & Park

30 stories up - Click image for 360º Panorama
The other day I got the opportunity to go to a new building under construction in NYC to do some photography. I did not have my panoramic rig with me but shot this one handheld with all the wrong technology. I think it still may give you some idea where we were. When finished this building will be 90 stories tall (If I remember correctly) and will be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Click on the image above to view a full 360º panorama of the city.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Old Crane on Barge

Crane on Seekonk River - Click Image for larger view
I had sketched this once before and will likely visit it again. There is just so much here to put down on paper. My time ran out this morning as I was sketching so not background on this one, but I am glad to be adding color once again. The Washington Bridge was behind this barge with the early morning sun giving it golden highlights.. . didn't get it at all. Maybe next time. but overall happy with this one, using a very limited palette - basically ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Willys Truck

1954 Willys Truck - Click image for larger view
I found this old truck the other day as I was scouting places to sketch and immediately fell in love with it. I am sure that I will return here time and time again. There are a couple of other old vehicles here too but this one just has stolen center stage with personality. I'll keep sketching this one until I get it right.
Sacred Heart School - Click image for larger view -
As you can see by the number on this drawing of Ben's school I have one more to do before the 75 Day Sketch Challenge is over. . . it has been a long black and white road but well worth it as I have made friends online and pushed myself to try to get some discipline in these old bones. Thanks Brenda Swenson for the great challenge.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paw Sox and other things

McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket - Click image for larger view
Last night we went to the Paw Sox game at McCoy Stadium. Thanks Benny, who got the tickets from Mr. D, his music teacher. It was Gracies' birthday and the whole family went, what a treat. We had great seats and the light and the colors were just fantastic, I love night games. And the Paw Sox won 5 to 1 beating the Redwings once again. We had french fries and orange soda, mmmmmmmm. Although this drawing is NOT one of my best it was fun to sketch and watch the game.
Haven Methodist Church -Click image for larger view
On Thursday morning Kathy and I got out sketching again and found this church on Taunton Avenue in East Providence. It is always fun to have company while sketching and some idle chatter. I have now completed 69 of the 75 drawings for the 75 Day Sketch Challenge...back to color soon.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Yellow House

The Yellow House - Click image for larger view
This morning I found this house sitting in the sunshine, and welcome sunshine after days of rain. I was struck by the contrast of the house, which is a pale yellow, against the dark background of green, a late summer rich, dark green full of morning shadows. Since I am dealing with black and white for a few more days I tried to capture that feeling. You will decide if I was successful or not, but I did have a good time trying. This house is on Main Street (RT 138) in Hope Valley. 8 X 5 inches, Faber-Castel Pitt XS pen