How to Make A Sketchbook

Make Your Own Sketchbook -- Click on image to go to full tutorial
Several people have asked how I make my sketchbooks so I posted a very short tutorial.

The tutorial can be found here.

The tutorial is very simplifies but making a sketchbook is not rocket science, it is actually quite easy, but takes a bit of time and some patience. The real critical steps come before you actually begin the 'making' process. Paper selection is everything. I have made books from regular copier paper and from some of the finest watercolor papers.

I like working on colored papers and love the Canson Me-Tientes papers quite a lot. I mix the colors within the book so you never really can plan a particular sketch on a particular color, at least I don't. Get some good thread and a blunt needle and Elmer's (or PVA) glue and you are good to go. You can get fancy paper for the cover or use cloth or whatever you want to cover it with. I use a grey chipboard for the cover stock - got it at the art store. I figure that the book pictured above (which has 2 full sheets of very nice Arche's 140 lb cold pressed paper) cost me less than $10.00 total.

There is something satisfying about working on your own creation when you are sketching and when the book is done and on the shelf it has it's own personality inside and out. So enjoy the process, go get yourself some glue, thread and paper, and maybe a cup of coffee and make yourself a book. You can also find great bookmaking video tutorials on YouTube.


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