Friday, March 29, 2013

East Providence Yacht Club

East Providence Yacht Club
Again I am feeling a bit constricted by the square format,  but had a good time down by the water. This is a great little bar in East Providence at Bold Point, and even though it is a 'Yacht Club' it is open to the public. I stopped on my way home and sat for almost an hour and sketched as the rain was dripping.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hope Valley again

Todays page 
I found an empty parking lot on the corner here in front of an apparently empty building to sit in the car and sketch. What I didn't know was that there is a breakfast diner around the corner that must open at 7:00 because cars started pulling in and out and blocking my view. Regardless I was able to get enough paint down on the page to satisfy the urge. I added the text in the corner later and scanned it before the page was dry. . . . as you can tell.  I also left out some telephone poles and wires. This certainly needs a larger piece of paper.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My sketchbook

The book - I have begun to carry it everywhere
as you can see it is a smallish book

I have received some inquiries about my sketchbook. . . (why are the pages different colors - what size is it) so I thought I would post a couple of pix. I made the book from left over paper from a photoshoot, some chipboard and an outdated map of Rhode Island bike paths. It has 10 signatures of three sheets (12 pages) so has a total of 120 pages of three different colors of Canson paper. I stitched it with one of Carols sewing needles and some bookbinding thread I had. I used Elmers white glue (which didn't stick too well to the map) to assemble it. My next book will have some watercolor paper maybe and be more suited for a wider view of things.

The bungalow, Wyoming, RI

California style bungalow. Wyoming, RI - click for larger image
After my early morning breakfast with Chris and Dick I got down to Wyoming about 15 minutes early so I stopped at the 'Park & Ride' on RT 138 and sketched the house across the street. The house had been restored recently. It is one of those California style bungalows with the square tapered columns in front on stone piers. The restoration was very nicely done and it is now the location of a sign shop. The tin roof is a very nice touch too. This is a cozy looking place. . . would love to have this house on a lake with a dock and a canoe. I would probably start smoking a pipe. . . . and get a dog. . .  and read Hemingway again.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some weekend sketches

Loof Carousel, Crescent Park, Riverside, RI
Sunday Afternoon sketching in East Providence. The weather was warm and the sun shining and I had my sketchpad and a little time to sketch. A good day. I went down to Larissa Park and sat on a bench and sketched the carousel. 

Rhodes Family Restaurant at Riverside Square
 Riverside Rhode Island is a great slice of America, actually all of East Providence has great charm. I sat on the steps of the World War II memorial on the bike path in Riverside Square to sketch this. I had many passer-bys as I sketched, and for the hour or so that I sat there, no one disturbed me.  A couple of kids sneaked a peek at what I was doing but not a peep of conversation. I was glad to have a spread to work on - I have been longing for a rectangle.
East Providence Post Office 02914 
I got this one all wrong, as the building is longer than it is tall, and the cupola isn't nearly that large proportionately. There is also a tree missing from this view, and I got the light all wrong. So I guess I should have left it out of this collection, I will need to revisit this spot - I think the 5x5 paper is to blame, yeah, yeah that's it - it's the paper's fault.

Saturday afternoon I filled in the Friday page with this Providence  scene.

Sunday morning with my coffee and paints.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lunch room

The lunchroom at work
As we had lunch I sat and sketched the different cookers we have in the lunchroom at work. There is almost always a fresh pot of coffee brewing and if not I will certainly put one on to brew. I felt very self conscious drawing at the table where we all sit and have our lunch hour discussions, but I figure I need to get over that and just press on with the drawings. I am really getting tired of 5" by 5" square paper. . . .

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Red Caboose

I found this little red caboose sitting by itself for no apparent reason on Hay St in West Warwick, 
I was just driving around wasting some time before an appointment and came across this red caboose, which says on it 'West Warwick Friends Of The Greenway' - I couldn't find any other explanation - but am thinking that maybe it used to run on the rails of the rail-bed that is now the bike path which is just a few yard behind the caboose.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring

Woodmansee Insurance building and looking down RT 138 in Wyoming

The Blue House, Wyoming, RI
I got up a bit early this morning to sketch as my evenings have been busy.  I did do a drawing of the house across the street last night but have elected not to share. I assure you that is a wise editorial decision. I got down to Wyoming before sunrise and was drawing the blue house as Spring happened at 7:02 this morning. Happy equinox! Both of these were drawn from inside my car as it was about 28 degrees outside and I am a weenie.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A few more pages. . .

Some of the latest pages in my sketch journal. I am trying to sketch every day and am wondering if I should post them here or stick to my photography. If you have an opinion please let me know. Click on images for larger view.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New (renewed) endeavor

Page 1
So the other day I made a small sketchbook from some left over Canson paper we had at work and decided to start sketching again. This is mostly inspired by a recent visit to the Worcester Art Museum. (which everyone in New England should visit) I kept sketch journals in the past but have a renewed interest in sketching again and getting back into more organic media.  I will still be shooting photos and 360º panoramas and video and animation stuff but right now I have set a goal to fill this book (120 pages) by the first of June. I figure that sketching and writing down my observations will help me see and understand my subject better and by doing a bit of writing, it just may help my blog writing. (wishful thinking) . . . anyway here is page one, a start, and hopefully many more to come, good, bad and certainly some ugly.
another couple of pages- I seemed to make Giovanni's arms look like those of a T-Rex. . .