Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some weekend sketches

Loof Carousel, Crescent Park, Riverside, RI
Sunday Afternoon sketching in East Providence. The weather was warm and the sun shining and I had my sketchpad and a little time to sketch. A good day. I went down to Larissa Park and sat on a bench and sketched the carousel. 

Rhodes Family Restaurant at Riverside Square
 Riverside Rhode Island is a great slice of America, actually all of East Providence has great charm. I sat on the steps of the World War II memorial on the bike path in Riverside Square to sketch this. I had many passer-bys as I sketched, and for the hour or so that I sat there, no one disturbed me.  A couple of kids sneaked a peek at what I was doing but not a peep of conversation. I was glad to have a spread to work on - I have been longing for a rectangle.
East Providence Post Office 02914 
I got this one all wrong, as the building is longer than it is tall, and the cupola isn't nearly that large proportionately. There is also a tree missing from this view, and I got the light all wrong. So I guess I should have left it out of this collection, I will need to revisit this spot - I think the 5x5 paper is to blame, yeah, yeah that's it - it's the paper's fault.

Saturday afternoon I filled in the Friday page with this Providence  scene.

Sunday morning with my coffee and paints.

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