Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My sketchbook

The book - I have begun to carry it everywhere
as you can see it is a smallish book

I have received some inquiries about my sketchbook. . . (why are the pages different colors - what size is it) so I thought I would post a couple of pix. I made the book from left over paper from a photoshoot, some chipboard and an outdated map of Rhode Island bike paths. It has 10 signatures of three sheets (12 pages) so has a total of 120 pages of three different colors of Canson paper. I stitched it with one of Carols sewing needles and some bookbinding thread I had. I used Elmers white glue (which didn't stick too well to the map) to assemble it. My next book will have some watercolor paper maybe and be more suited for a wider view of things.

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