Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some sketches

Main Street, Hope Valley - Click image for larger view
Since I haven't posted any sketches for a while I thought that I could do a quick review here of some things I have done in the past few weeks. I am still sketching early mornings before work, but I took a few weeks off while I was out of work, after a minor surgery. The sketch above was actually done in my studio from a sketch. It was a request from the person who lives in the blue house.

Coolers on the Dock, Wickford, RI
I sketched this one on Friday morning, and didn't really have enough time to finish. I kind of rushed the background as I was up against the clock. I should have taken some pictures as this would make a good studio painting.

Near the dam at Barberville Pond
I sketched this one on a dreary morning from the front seat of the car parked near the dam. I have been enjoying painting in the woods more and more. The trees pose all sorts of different problems that the houses of Hope Valley.

Wood River Inn, Wyoming, RI
Finally got some early morning sunlight. As the Earth is moving around it's orbit the sunshine has finally caught up with my schedule. Hopefully I have a few more of these bright mornings before it swings past the mid point and takes my mornings back into the gloom.

Switch Road, Hope Valley
I have sketched this road several times from the same view point. This was another of those mornings that was threatening to rain and the light was flat. I tried to work out the values of light and dark, foreground and background. This is my current area of focus. -- gotta keep working on that.

Back in the woods.
This is a spot along the Wood River in Hope Valley where I get some glimpses of the wood river. I included this one here to show how important values are. The values in this painting are not what they could be. The big fallen stump looks more like a hole in the paper. . . in other words, this one sucks as far as values go. I need to really start doing quick value sketches first, but time is so short when I sketch in the morning.

You can check out all of my sketches by clicking this link.

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