Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newport International Polo

Newport International Polo • Washington Trust Cup

Today we went to a polo match in Portsmouth Rhode Island and watched the Washington Trust Cup where Newport got trounced. The final Score was 17 to 8 -yikes! Newport really got beat. It was a great day and lots of friends showed up.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Rhody 360 URL

In case you haven't noticed, Rhody360 has a new address.  It is now While trying to work out some blog things for VIBCO ( I created a domain for Rhody360 so now it is even easier to remember and to get to.  Hope this helps. The old address will redirect you and both and should get you here. And coming soon will be a great new blog for VIBCO and all things concerning vibrators, vibration and the Vibration Nation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wicked Thrift, Cape Cod

Wicked Thrift Shop, Cape Cod  -- Click on image to view panorama
We stopped at this thrift shop during our weekend with friends on Cape Cod.  It was in West  Dennis, on Rte 28 on Cape Cod and although they had lots of cool stuff, we found nothing to buy. But it was still a pretty cool place. You can visit their site here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just clouds

This was an experiment I did at work.  I set up the camera (Nikon D300s) and shot at intervals. No music, no action, just clouds.  I was one of those beautiful summer days with the puffy cloud thing going on. I am going to use this footage in a Vibco project.. I think it would make a great title intro. The resolution here is crap... the original is very nice.  I still gotta clone out a coupla birds. . .

Beach Ave, Block Island

A runner on Block Island
This panorama was taken at the bridge on Beach Avenue on Block Island early one morning while we were cruising.  As I was setting up my camera I could see this lady running far down the road - I awaited her approach and shot as she made it to the bridge. The day before as we were leaving the beach there were about twenty kids jumping off the bridge - directly over the sign that says don't jump off the bridge.... ah to be young again.

St Columba Memorial Chapel, Middletown, RI

St. Columba Memorial Chapel, Middletown (click image to view panorama)
I took this panorama several weeks ago and just had not posted it.  We had stopped by the chapel to visit the cemetery and I decided to shoot the chapel as well.  I should have shot HDR images but felt pressed for time. I think I will go back and shoot this place again. This one feels incomplete.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Robins Island, New York

Sunrise, Robins Island - Click Image to view Panorama
We anchored here in the lee of Robins Island in about 7 feet of water along with Psyche, Gypsy Sole, Pepsea and others. Robins Island is in Peconic Bay. This is a large file so it takes a while time to load.  A lot of the time was speculating about the owner of the island.  Here is what we found in Wikipedia:
Robins Island is currently owned by Wall Street financier Louis Bacon, who purchased it in 1993 at a bankruptcy court auction for $11 million. Bacon has invested considerably in restoring the neglected island, going so far as to import full-grown oak trees to replace ones harvested for lumber years earlier. Some non-native grasses were removed from the island and replaced, and hunters reduced an overgrown deer population. The island has the healthiest turtle population in the state, which includes the Eastern mud turtle. Bacon is known for hosting traditional English "driven pheasant" hunts on the island for wealthy guests.

Early Morning on Payne's Dock

On Payne's Dock in the early morning - Click on image to view 360º Panorama

I had gone out for a pre sunrise walk to take photos and when I returned the dock was beginning to come to life. This shot shows just how crowded the dock were.  The boat in the foreground on the other side of the picnic tables is Psyche, our friend Van and Andi's Nordhavn. The were able to get this boat to open water without removing any other boats... these guys are amazing to watch.  Video to come soon.....

Paynes Dock from the roof of Tapestry

Payne's Dock, New Harbor, Block Island - Click Image to view panorama

We arrived here on Thursday afternoon after a 5 hour cruise from Pawtuxet Cove in Cranston. We thought it was crowded, but they were able to put many more boats in here. I have never seen such boat handling at the dock, squeezing boats in and out all day long... amazing.

New Shoreham, Block Island At Sunrise

New Shoreham and Old Harbor
This is a view of downtown New Shoreham, the main village on Block Island. The National Hotel and the Surf Hotel dominate the 'skyline'. Taken just after sunrise and a nice long walk. This is a rather large file so it may take a minute to load. Ed

Tuesday, August 3, 2010