Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tales of the Sea Part 1

While cruising to Maine, as we were approaching Gloucester, Massachusetts, about 10 miles south of the harbor, our friends aboard Psyche ran out of fuel. We turn around and made this transfer at sea while underway. Bob lowered the fuel can and a handheld radio, Carol video taped the action and I tried my best not to hit their boat. All went well as you can see here. Of course we will not let them live this down. They did make it to Gloucester under sail, and to the dock with the fuel.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maine Cruise 2009

Carol, Bob and I cruised with our friends Van and Andi from Narragansett Bay to Maine and back over a period of nine days. We cruised to Onset Mass, Gloucester Mass, Isles of Shoals (NH & ME), Portland Me, South Freeport, Me, back to Gloucester, Mass to Onset once again and then to Padanaram MA and then home on Sunday. Tapestry ran like a finely tuned watch and the captain and crew ate too much, swam with seals, experienced some thick fog (although none in Maine) and came home happily planning our next adventure. Pictures can be found here.