Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Photos for a change

Just a small collection of some photos I have taken recently.
Nana at Purgatory Chasm - Click image for larger view
Wyoming Pond -late March Snow

Purgatory Chasm


Chilly Morning
The falls
Roaring Brook Falls
Roaring Brook

Along the Purgatory Chasm

Bridge over the brook

Friday, March 11, 2016

Lost in the woods

Lone Pine - Click image for larger view
For the past several months Carol and I have been off hiking every weekend so naturally I have been scouting different areas before work and sketching accordingly. It is an interesting change (for me) to switch from the buildings and houses in urban areas that I typically sketch, to go to the more organic woodlands around Rhode Island. I have been having fun and learning a lot. I liked the composition above just because that one tree is so out of place and right behind the sign.

The Crawley Preserve - Blue Dot - Click image for larger view
A couple from the Crawley Preserve, which we haven't hiked yet, but I would guess these trails are in our future. It is remarkable just how many different wooded areas there are around Rhode Island and how remote you can be within minutes of leaving your car.

Crawley Preserve - White Dot - Click image for larger view
And a spot along the road in Wood River Junction, Rhode Island. I didn't find a hiking trail here but this is a great access to the Wood River to put in a canoe or to fish.

Bridge on Rt 91 - Click image for larger view
So I will keep sketching away, hiking  and trying to record some of what I see. As Carol and I continue to discover new places I will keep posting here and elsewhere, just in case anyone is interested.