Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Shad Factory Pond

Sunset at Shad Factory
Megan and I went down to the Shad Factory Pond a couple of weeks ago and I just got around to processing this image.  I always loved this place, it is about a mile from our old house in Rehoboth and always brings back memories. It was fun to go here with Megan to shoot, but we missed the actual setting of the sun by about 2 minutes....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Seamen's Bethel

The Seamen's Bethel, New Bedford, MA (click image to view panorama)

"The Seamen's Bethel was specifically constructed for the many sailors who called New Bedford their home port (mostly whalers), who considered it a matter of tradition that one visited the chapel before setting sail.
The bethel was immortalized in Herman Melville's epic whaling tome, Moby-Dick, as the "Whaleman's Chapel" in a scene where a fire-and-brimstone sermon is given from a bow-shaped pulpit." - Wikipedia

This is rehearsal day for Erin and Shawn's wedding.  View the panorama here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Docking Tapestry - High Speed

A short video of coming home to the dock with Tapestry.  I sped this up 4 times regular speed using Adobe After Effects -  this three minute video was originally 12 minutes long before I changed it. Tapestry is our Great Harbour 37 - a very comfortable cruising boat. This was our last great / long cruising weekend of 2010.

Tapestry - Great Harbour 37

The Interior renovations

Andi and Carol make decorating plans
The interior layout is fantastic and keeps the spirit of the cottage alive but greatly increasing the views of the bay with the 'bay' window. This will be the breakfast nook --- I would be eating breakfast all day long.
Panorama here

The Exterior of the cottage

The Exterior
The view of the cottage from the 'front yard' - the water side.  Looks like there may be some scrap to haul away, or maybe a beach bonfire is in the future.... Panorama is here.

On the beach at Prudence Island

View of the house from the beach
This is a view of Van and Andi's Prudence home from the beach.  Tapestry and Psyche are anchored off the beach. Andi and Van are completely renovating this beach cottage.  Likely the most spectacular view of the bay - from Providence to Portsmouth.  A full 180 degree view of the bay.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cross Sound Ferry J. Henry

Leaving New London
Heading out to the jobsite on Long Island for Vibco with Karl on the 7:00 am ferry J. Henry. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the ferry ride was easy with good conversation and great views. This is the front of the boat as we left the harbor. And this is the view from the back deck as we were returning later in the day, going through Plum Gut.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A video project

Primitive 5 seconds from Edward Huff on Vimeo.

This is a very short video (5 seconds) I created for a contest at - could only use primitive shapes and the video could be no longer than 5 seconds. I created this using Cinema 4D and After Effects

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Flume

Along the Flume trail (click image to view panorama)
On our way back from Maine we hiked the flume trail. I shot this panorama handheld as I lost my tripod canoeing on Saturday. New Hampshire was beautiful and I would certainly recommend the flume anytime of year.

Also of note, the exhibition "Crossroads" has gone live at the World Wide Panoramas site.  I have already shared my entry of Crossroads (see below) but typically nearly 300 panorama photographers participate in this quarterly event.  Check it out here.