Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some recent Hope Valley sketches

Behing Barrett's Engine Repair & Garage - Click image larger view
This morning I got in a quick little sketch of the back side of a local business in Hope Valley. I have drawn this area from different angles in the past - it is an interesting mix of textures. I am somewhat pleased with this sketch.

Arts & Crafts style house - Click image for larger view
I had a pretty good sketch going here but kind of messed it up when I applied the washes..this one should have been an ink sketch. I was working on my lights and darks trying to work up values that told the story but feel as though it has just gone muddy.

Back on Main Street - Click image for larger view
Every once in a while I may not get the color just right, but I think I got this one close.

Behind the big house on Main - Click image for larger view
This is a beautiful large stone house in Hope Valley right on Main Street. This view if from the back side from the parking lot of the church next door. Sketched from my car as the morning started off rainy and when the sun came out I get some good light on the building.

Yet another house on Main Street - Click image for larger view
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