Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Great Minds. . .

A view from Benefit Street - Click image for larger view.
The other day I did this sketch in Providence before work..my usual routine. When I get to work, I scan in my daily sketch and post it on my Flickr page. There is a lot wrong with my sketch, at least things I would do differently if I had more time to do it again... and then I got an email from my longtime friend Richard Benjamin. Dick is not only a great photographer but THE photographer for all things Rhode Island and all of New England. He sent me this image he shot back in June. We must have been at the exact same point and saw the same view and responded accordingly.
All I can say is, Richard you have great taste. . .

Photo by Richard Benjamin
If you want to see what Rhode Island really looks like visit Dick's site at photosofri.com
Plan on staying there a while - his images are stunning.

Friday, August 14, 2015

More of Hope Valley. . . and a couple from Canada

Morning Sunshine in Hope Valley -- Click image for larger view
I have been experimenting again with color..this is a hurdle I need to jump. This morning I attempted a painting in gouache and abandoned it and cut it out of the sketchbook. Color just confounds me. I am fairly happy with the sketch above but still have a lot of issues with it.

Large home in the sun. - Click image for larger view
This large stone house sits just to the right of the house just above. The early morning sunlight has been cooperative recently.

Caley Farm, Port Elgin, Ontario -- Click image for larger view
Last week we were on vacation visiting with relatives in Canada and had a very enjoyable visit. Ben and I got in a few bike rides and the grandkids had a fun time on the farm. This was a new experience for the, i Made time for a few sketches along the way.

While having my morning coffee -- Click image for larger view