Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More scribbles

The blue house again - Click image for larger view
Recently I seem to be struggling a bit more that  usual. I have been experiment with different techniques and papers and it occurs to me that my sketching must be distracted or something as I feel the quality of the sketch has fallen off. Don't think that I am fishing for complements here, as I assure you I am not.. this is simply an observation. The spring has been filled with damp and gloom and I hope that warm weather arrives soon..I am tired of sketching from inside my car with the heater running. . .

Sakonnet Point House - Click image for larger view
While I was sketching the house in the picture above, down on Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, it was raining hard and the light was very flat. This has been the typical environment I have been working in and I am longing for strong sunlight and my little comfy stool instead of the drivers seat in the car.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Watercolor sketches

The Gordon Green American Legion Post #27, Hope Valley - Click image for large view
I have been negligent in posting recently as I have been a bit under the weather with a cold (that is the best excuse I can come up with- I am really just a lazy lout) I have been sketching almost everyday but little of it is worth posting. The weather has finally broken a bit and has begun to get warmer. Spring is beginning to happen and the trees are getting their leaves, finally. A lady I work with told me about this place on Locustville Pond, and I had good sunlight this morning. I wish I had more time and larger paper, but this little sketch has the feel of the morning.

Barrett's Service Station, Hope Valley - Click image for larger view
I sketched this one the other day, another early morning sketch before work. I was pleased with the perspective of this one and may revisit. As you can see I have been experimenting with using just watercolor and leaving the pens behind. These are done lightly in pencil first and then painted..this is relatively new to me but I will continue to experiment.

RT 95 crossing over Switch Road, Richmond, RI - Click image for larger view
I find myself sketching the things that we tend to overlook from day to day. I love finding the 'unseen' views that we just pass by in our travels and try to make something of them. These are the scenes that stick in my head. . . .