Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stepping Stone Falls, revisited

Mystical falls - Click image to view larger image

This evening after work I took a side trip to Stepping Stone Falls to walk along the river and make some images. It was peaceful here and apart from the mosquitos and a  couple of young lovers, I had the place to myself. The light was perfect and the sound of the falls was heaven. We are indeed blessed to live in an area with such diverse beauty.
The big step - Click image for larger view

One of many slabs - Click image for larger view

Trash in the River - Some people just don't understand. . .
The glow of sunlight - Click image for larger view
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunset Tug, Ruth M. Reinauer

Ruth M. Reinauer - Click to view larger image
An evening cruise to Providence last night netted this image of the Ruth M. Reinauer at the fuel dock in East Providence with Providence in the background across the river. Love shooting tugs - especially from the deck of Tapestry.

The Red Canoe

The Red Canoe - Click to view larger view
Before work this morning I went down along the Wood River to the Old Stone Dam and got this shot. There was very little water going over the dam today, the water levels are very low and this heat wave isn't helping but it was a beautiful morning and it is always wonderful to get out and walk along the river. This is an 8 second exposure, 50mm, f/16 with a very dark Neutral Density filter. The photo below was a 6 second exposure.

Break in the dam - Click image for larger view

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fishing Fleet in New Bedford, MA

New Bedford Fishing Fleet - Click image to view panorama
The New Bedford fishing fleet is the largest fishing fleet in the United States. I am once again shooting for the World Wide Panorama exhibition and our theme this time is Heritage and the sea is certainly the heritage of all of us who live in New England.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wood River at Wyoming Pond Dam

Below the dam- Click image for larger view
Wood River Still Life - Click image for larger view
So today after work I went down to this spot which is about a mile or so from the shop and spent a few minutes hiking along the Wood River just below the dan at Wyoming Pond. We are fortunate to have such a serene and beautiful spot so close. I was shooting with a Neutral Density filter at f/16 with exposures up to 6 seconds to get the water to look so soft.
I am just beginning to explore the possibilities with an ND filter... having fun that for sure. None of these are HDR. I think I will likely be climbing around more waterfalls in the near future. This afternoon was a very bright and sunny day which brings out the color but I am thinking that an early morning sunrise light might soften things up a bit differently... yeah, definitely gonna play some more.

Along the river - Click image for larger view

Dam on Wyoming Pond - Click image for larger view

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My friend Al - Click for larger image
I got this shot of Al at the parade last Saturday and developed it today. I think this shot captures Al's good nature and his enthusiasm about the parade going on in front of him.
Nikon D300s, 200mm, F4.8 at 1/400 --
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gaspee Days

Ben Waving to crowds - Click for larger image

Ben and Mike on the truck - click for larger image
A couple of shots from the parade yesterday, thanks Mike for taking Benjamin along.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Project

Ben and his model of the North River Steamship
For the past couple of weeks Ben and I have been working on this model for the final project for his fifth grade class - the assignment was to build a steamship 'of the colonial period' so he selected Robert Fulton's steamship North River of was as close as we could get to the colonial period.
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