Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wood River at Wyoming Pond Dam

Below the dam- Click image for larger view
Wood River Still Life - Click image for larger view
So today after work I went down to this spot which is about a mile or so from the shop and spent a few minutes hiking along the Wood River just below the dan at Wyoming Pond. We are fortunate to have such a serene and beautiful spot so close. I was shooting with a Neutral Density filter at f/16 with exposures up to 6 seconds to get the water to look so soft.
I am just beginning to explore the possibilities with an ND filter... having fun that for sure. None of these are HDR. I think I will likely be climbing around more waterfalls in the near future. This afternoon was a very bright and sunny day which brings out the color but I am thinking that an early morning sunrise light might soften things up a bit differently... yeah, definitely gonna play some more.

Along the river - Click image for larger view

Dam on Wyoming Pond - Click image for larger view

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