Friday, June 17, 2016

Loosen Up!

Barberville Dam - Click image for larger view
So today I tried yet another experiment in my quest to understand values. I did a VERY rough sketch, just putting a few key notations in light pencil. And the working with a largish brush (just to keep things loose) I started laying in color going light at first building to the darks. This required a lot of squinting. . . .hence the lack of any real detail. I worked with a limited palette of cad yellow, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. There is a lot of stuff I would try to do differently if I were to sketch this again but I learned from this and am not too displeased. It's almost recognizable. I also have a new little paintbox which I like a lot. Very portable and since it is made of tin I glued a magnet to the bottom of my water cup so when I have the box in hand I can just stick the water cup on it an it stays there.
My tools and a lovely spot.
For those of you with a sharp eye you can determine just what kind of a fool this old fart is. You can see that I painted on the sketchpad upside down...spiral on the now I have at least one upside down sketch in this book.

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