Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Top Of The City

I recently has the opportunity with  Vibco to get up on top of a building under construction in New York.   This building is on the corner of 36th and 5th and will ultimately have 60 floors.  It is currently at 28 stories. We took an outside cage type elevator to the 26th floor and then up wooden ladders to the top. In the picture above you can see a man holding a ladder that goes over the side.  We then climbed down this wooden ladder to the scaffolding that runs around this floor and walked completely around to the opposite side where our vibrators are being used. You can see them in the scaffolding panorama, they are the orange thing attached to the wall forms. After shooting several VR and many regular photos one of the guys asked if I got a good shot of the Empire State Building... I honestly never saw it until I started processing these photos.  When standing on the scaffolding we were looking straight down to the taxi cabs in the street! So here is a panorama of the top floor and here is a pano of the scaffolding.  Enjoy.

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