Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bamboo War

Hooray, Hooray,
The First of May
The Bamboo War
Starts Today!

So it is written - so it has started. The Bamboo Warriors have begun their Great March of conquest from beyond the forbidden wall. The battle is on. These intrepid and undaunted warriors will sacrifice all to gain new territory as the do each year.  The only defense is to cut them of at their supply line which is below the surface of this great planet and fling them back to their homeland from where they came. Today sixty three warriors came and today sixty three warriors met a gruesome death at the end of a forked yard knife in the hand of the mighty Anti-Boo, foe of the Bamboo Warriors, and all the while the Hounds of Hell screamed their defiance. The epic battle between good and evil has begun. View the Battlefield.

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