Thursday, November 7, 2013

Morning Sketches

I have created a small collection of my ink sketches that I do each morning before work and am offering them up for sale. This is a 50 page paperback book with sketches of Rhode Island, most of which I have done on my way to work. This is a printed version of many of the images you have seen here on the blog and likely some new ones too. There are sketches of Providence, East Providence, Cranston and Wyoming and Hope Valley - with a few other places thrown in too.

You can find it for sale here.

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Unknown said...

The book arrived this morning and it's been a real pleasure to browse through. It feels as though I've been dragged out of bed very early in the morning and taken to sundry stopping places to admire the buildings and scenes of Rhode Island. I agree that sketching something is a way of getting to know it better and for me these sketches reveal a lot. Many thanks!