Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pazi's Place once again

Pazi's Place - Diner in East Providence - Click image for larger view
I met Kathy again this morning at a local diner, Pazi's Place, on Taunton Ave East Providence. This is a very comfortable diner filled with nostalgia and good cheer. The owner (I think) is a really nice guy who likes to chat and keeps the coffee cups filled.  Today is a day of a big storm which is changing a lot of Thanksgiving plans around the country. It arrived here in the middle of the night. Kathy and I made it to the diner in the midst of wind and a torrent of rain. There were not a lot of people out and about at 6 am this morning, but the coffee war good and the bagel toasted nice and dark just how I like it. We sketched for about anjous I drew things and Kathy drew people…she is so good with that and I most definitely need to work on drawing people more.

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