Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 4 - Vienna

Jesuit Church, Vienna - Click image for larger view
This morning we docked in Vienna, Austria and took the 'Art Tour' provided by the cruise line. we toured downtown Vienna, the Jesuit Church and then made our way to the Museum of Fine art and were delighted to see many wonderful paintings by masters like Rafael and Rembrandt and Titian and many more.  Our guide was very knowledgable.  I am writing this in the afternoon in our cabin as we are resting up for a concert this evening. Carol is napping and I am trying to get some photos together and then go for a bit of a bike ride before I get all fancied up for the Vienna Concert. (I may write more about that in another post) I feel like I am slacking off  by not posting too much but I assure I am traveling all the time with three cameras and taking many pictures and video. Processing time is the problem... I may continue to post long after I arrive back home. So far I am very impressed with all of the people we have met here in both Hungary and Austria, as they are friendly and warm and very open to conversation. The cities are all clean and the population seems to very much appreciate what the have...almost no thrash and no graffiti that I have seen yet.  Maybe this afternoon's bike ride will take me into some different neighborhoods. From driving around the city it seems very bicycle friendly with bike lanes everywhere and rental bikes through out the city.

A small gallery of Vienna images Here

UPDATE: I did get a bike ride in and had a great time. I rode the path that runs along the Danube the crossed over abridge for pedestrian and cyclists, over to the city for a bit then back to the river path southward for a mile or so and then crossed the Danube on another special bike pat bridge. this city is very  bicycle friendly. The ship supplies Batavus three speed bicycles and they are quite adequate for cruising around. The three speeds are slow slow and slow.

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