Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brugges - Day 17

Lovers Park, Brugges - Click image for larger view
Today we arrived in Brugges after a rather long ordeal with trains getting here, but once the travel part was done we were met by our friends Paul and Marleen. Paul relieved us of our luggage and delivered it to our B&B while Marleen gave us the best walking tour yet, through this fantastical town of Brugges. (I should note here that I have elected to use this spelling of Brugges as opposed to the French spelling, Bruges, and for no particular reason) We walked through town and saw so many things from beautiful flowers to church spires and horses pulling carriages. We passed the one remaining brewery and had coffee and chocolate in a small cafe. A beautiful city but the best was yet to come as Marleen and Paul invited us to dinner.  What a great evening we had as we discussed everything from the wars and politics to dog poop and cameras.... and Marleen had made the best fish soup, Mmmmmmmm, thanks Marleen. But I did come away with a bit of camera envy. . .Thanks Paul. . .

The Begijnhouse, a place for women - Click image for larger view

The Brewery Sign

Typical Brugges Canal

Carol's Coffee and Chocolate

Dinner with Friends at Paul and Marleens house - Click image for larger view

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