Thursday, August 2, 2012

Melk, Austria - Day 5

The Abby in Melk - Click for larger image
After passing through the Wachau Gorge this morning, which was spectacular, we stopped at the town of Melk which is the site of a huge Benedictine Abby. It is huge and is perched on top of the hill (as they all are) overlooking the river and the town.  We went on a great tour of the abby and walked through about 50 of it's 500 rooms - amazing place and the church proper was just over the top ornate! We then took a leisurely walk down from the abby through town and poked in and out of shops, we didn't buy much but had a good time looking. I was amazed by the number of cycling tourists in this area.. literally hundreds of people and their family on completely loaded bikes off on a tour of the area.
Back on the boat we got underway around 5:00 and as I am writing this we are underway to Passau, Germany and should arrive there tomorrow morning around 9:30. More adventures to come.

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