Friday, August 3, 2012

Passau Germany - Day Six

Passau Germany waterfront
Today we arrived in Passau around 9:00, dropped the gangplank and went on a walking tour of Passau, which is a lot like stepping back into another time. The town is filled with narrow streets and quaint shops. And of course ABC - Another Bloody Church - as our guide says - and Another Bloody Castle. After a great morning and lunch about twenty of us took a bicycle tour and rode back to Austria to have a beer at a beer garden.  I had 'rodler' which means cyclists' drink - half beer, half lemonade -- it was tasty. After returning to the boat around 5:30 we set sail for Regensburg where we should arrive by 9 - 9:30 tomorrow providing the river has enough water - the Danube is running a bit low and the Captain said that at times we will have only a foot or so of water the boat.. Yikes, I don't like to do that with Tapestry. Just after supper We did run aground in a shallow spot but they backed off and found deeper water - we are proceeding slowly through the night.

ABC - Another Bloddy Church - we had an organ concert here today
The churches here are Baroque and this one is as good as it gets. I am making a smaller post this evening as it is now almost 1:00 Am and I am pooping out.. but here are a few more shots.

Cycling in Passau - Click for larger image

Bob and I as we enter Passau - Click for larger image

In the open market - Click for larger image

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