Monday, August 6, 2012

Nuremberg and Bamberg - Days 8 & 9

Bamberg Beer Garden - Click image for larger view
I have had no internet connection for the past couple of days and am experiencing all sorts of slowdowns right now.  Hopefully I can get this posted tonight. River travel has been good, the days are filled with everything new and the nights filled with friendship and laughter. We have met most everyone onboard and made some new friends who we have been dining with each evening to share stories of the days explorations. Our little trio has grown to a group of seven. As I write tonights drivel we are cruising on the Main River (pronounced Mine) at a slow pace because there are so many locks. Yesterday we were in Nuremberg, where the Nazi trials took place. Carol and I went separate ways..Carol and Bob went off to the WWII tour and I took the general tour which included many of the Nazi sites but also the ancient castle as well. This was by far the coolest castle yet - something out of Harry Potter. So we certainly had a lot of stories to share last night. This morning we arrived in Bamberg around 7:00 am and toured the city this morning and had a few hours of free time to explore on our own. We explored a beer garden and had the local dark 'smoked beer' and I found a pretzel shop..and I am hooked on these pretzels around here. . . This afternoon on the boat we had a talk/lecture on the European Union and the changes that have taken place in the past 50 years. Most are positive but the stories made me realize just how wonderful the good old USA really is. Apparently the universal healthcare isn't working too  well and more and more people are buying private care and in Italy and Greece you have to pay -under the table- a bit of graft to your surgeon so he makes the right cuts. We heard several stories from our cruise manager (who was the MC), who is Belgian, and crew members from Hungary, Romania and Serbia as a forum, what an interesting afternoon.

The following link will take you to a small gallery of photos from Bamberg and another gallery of Nuremberg (with different spellings of Nuremberg)

Houses in Bamberg - Click for larger image
Nuremberg Church Clock - Click for larger image

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