Friday, August 17, 2012

Belgium - Day 20

The Trenches near Dixmuide - Click image for interactive zoom view
Although we had a fun filled day today it was an emotional day for a few reasons. We got together this morning with Gauthier and Bea and toured Flanders and many WWI memorials including cemeteries and the trenches near Dixmuide, and the memorial in Ypers. I am amazed at how much WWI means to the good people of Belguim and that they have not forgotten the lessons that the war has taught. So many lives lost on all fronts. . .  And it was sad to say good by to Gauthier and Bea af having been reunited with them in person. Thanks for all of your hospitality.

Soldiers not forgotten - Click image for larger view
We spent the evening with our friends Marleen and Paul and their son Bert.  Paul made Belgian Waffles that were out of this world and that started an evening of camaraderie and laughter. Thanks Paul and Marleen for being such good friends. This will be the last post from over in the land of beer, waffles and lace, as we fly back tomorrow and should be home in the evening. What a great time we have had. Thanks Bob for everything.

Mmmm Waffles!! 

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