Friday, August 10, 2012

Heidelberg and Frankfort - Day 12

Heidelberg Market Street - Click Image for larger view
On this day we took a bus to Heidelberg to tour the old castle, the largest ruins in Germany, and then to have some time just to wander the town. It was a great day by all standards and we even had the local fare of Sausage and Chips with a local brew.

Mmmmm - sausage & chips
We spent the afternoon walking around shopping and visiting churches then back to the bus and on to the boat and then a cruise to Frankfort. After supper we walked into town with Doug and Anne and Jeanne -it is a big modern city and we had just a great evening just hanging out. Although I was developing a cold and today as I write this I am very groggy and have been all day.

Heidelberg Castle - Click image for larger view

Carol exploring the Jesuit Church in Heidelberg - click image for larger view

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