Sunday, August 5, 2012

Regensburg Germany, Day 7

Regensburg, Germany  under dark sky - HDR  - click for larger image
Today we toured Regensburg and walked up onto the bridge in the HDR photo above. This bridge was built 900 years ago and is still in use today. Regensburg was originally settled by a Roman Legion of 6000 in the year 176, almost 2000 years ago and parts of their original structures still stand and are in use today.  We also had some great local beer and Brats at the Wurstkuche the oldest sausage house in Regensburg - it is at the base of the bridge and is said to have served sausages and kraut to the workers who built the bridge.  Today I do not have much of a connection so this is a short post.

The wall of a coocoo clock store

Mail delivery lady

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Unknown said...

If it for real? Those kind of clouds that you show us are looking so unbelievable, and to make this you might be professional, yes? When I try to make photo like this on MAC with using HDR software I can't make them so beautiful what a shame.