Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wurzburg, Germany - Day 10

Old Stone Bridge on the Main River, Wurzburg - Click for larger image
Today we awoke in Wurzburg Germany and had a tour this morning of the Prince-Bishop's Residence which was way over the top. It was patterned after the Palace of Versailles and was spectacular -- but they wouldn't allow photography inside the Residence. Here is a snap of a piece of the exterior.

Small section of the Residence - click image for larger view
And a picture of the formal gardens just outside the Residence. . .

Garden at the Residence, Wurzburg - Click image for larger view
During the tour, our incredibly German, blonde beauty tour guide was discussing a very Baroque room when she walked over to me and began to rub my stomach and said ' like this perfectly erotic Baroque figure' - I was at a complete loss for words, maybe for the first time. It was a good laugh at my expense but I have always been a big fan of public humiliation. Later in the day Bob, Carol and I and a lady named Jean went back into town just to walk around and maybe do some touristy shopping. Found a bike shop and they had nothing for me to buy but it was fun seeing all the strange bikes. (and bikes are one of the major forms of transportation around here) Bob and Jean caught the shuttle back to the boat and carol and I stayed and explored a bit longer and then walked back to the boat without buying anything. It was a fine day and finished up on the dance floor with a very good rock and roll/oldies trio from Frankfurt.

ABC - Another Bloody Castle -- Click image for larger view

Bob and Carol at the Wine Tasting in the cellar of the residence - click for larger image

Intimate dinner for seven in the Sky Lounge

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