Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some shots from the deck of Tapestry

It has been a while since I posted any photos - I got these this morning from Tapestry while we were riding at anchor.
Before sunrise, Mt. Hope Bridge - Click image for larger view
We anchored Tapestry for the night just off the shore of our friend Van and Andi's house on Prudence and spent the weekend enjoying the company of friends. This is the view of the sunrise this morning.
The color just kept coming - Click image for larger view
The color changes this morning were remarkable and the bay was like glass. I think the only rocking we did all night was when a tug passed early this morning.
The sun finally broke the horizon -Click image for larger view
Valvamous - Click image for larger view
Our friends Mark and Shirley arrived by Valvamous, a Valiant 50 that Mark has restored, what a beautiful boat. However, they forgot to provision any coffee, so I swam over and gave them their first cup of the day.
Iona McAlistar pre dawn -Click image for larger view
This is the tug that rocked the boat early this morning. She was quite a site in the predawn light.
The 'launch service' -Click image for larger view
Van provided launch service from shore to the boats

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