Friday, August 30, 2013

Some recent things

Mill in Pawtucket -- Click image for larger view
I realized I havent posted in a few days so here are a few just to catch up. I think my perspective ran away with me a bit with the mill sketch above but an interesting place none the less - thanks Kathy for the location and inspiration.
Utrecht - we all need art supplies -- Click image for larger view
Another sketch before work of the Utrecht store on Wickenden street in Providence. A pretty good place to shop, the generally have most everything I need but the last time I went there they let me down with no Moleskin watercolor pad. . .
The USCG Station, Cuttyhunk - Click image for larger view
The sketch above is from our cruising last week. Cuttyhunk is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts with a year round population of 15 and I would guess several hundred during the summer.
Another view of Cuttyhunk -Click image for larger view

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