Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Commentary on this blog

So it has been a slow blogging summer for me... hopefully I will get back to blogging and put some things here that may be of interest. The summer just got busy and I lost sight of things. Some news of note, our cat died, just old age, and yesterday we got two little kitties, still unnamed. Gracie (the worlds cutest grand daughter) turned one year old and is very mobile. Ben and I have been building model ships and airplanes on our Friday nights together. Carol officiated at a couple of weddings this summer, we cruised to Maine as you may have seen and I continue to shoot a lot with my camera, make movies and even did some painting this summer. Sunday I built a dory to use as a decoration for the 'Christmas in October' event we attend every year with the boat -- we have historically won second place in the decorating contest and this year we are going for the gold.

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