Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back in the tunnel

East Side Access Project • Somewhere Under Manhattan

I made a trip back down to New York for Vibco this week to visit the tunnel project I was at last year. The East Side Access Project consists of eight new subway tubes connecting Long Island City (Queens) to Grand Central Station in Manhattan.  It was a long walk from Long Island City. . . and muddy. . . and humid. . . and hot. . . --- I ended up exhausted ( I left for the city at 4 am) -- covered with mud, (I walked for an hour and forty minutes to get to this spot) I was hungry and thirsty --- I had a blast.  Everyone should have the opportunity in life to experience new things. Trust me when I say that I was way out of of my comfort zone, but it makes for a good story and you all know how much I like a good story.

So I haven't been blogging for a while so I will try to catch up here a bit. Tapestry is back in the water and we have spent some time cruising nights and weekends. The Bamboo Wars are ongoing as the enemy has doubled it efforts this year. While we were traveling this spring Benny pulled over 160 bamboos from our front yard.

Basically I got busy and lazy at the same time and the blog suffered but I will try to do better.  I have actually shot a lot, just haven't been posting. So maybe I can pick up from here and move forward.  We are planning some cruising soon and I am hoping to get lots of good shots then.  I have also been watching with amazement as my daughter is rapidly becoming THE photographer in the family.  Check out her blog here.

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Meg said...

Dad, that is the coolest VR I have seen!! Certainly something most people wouldn't see in their lifetime. Super crisp, super colorful, super depth, SUPER COOL!! Thanks so much for the ego boost and link :) You are the best. xoxo