Monday, May 23, 2011

Home, 1998

17 Peckham Street, Rehoboth, MA • Click image to view panorama
This is one of my earliest surviving panoramas, and is of my house in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Before we sold this house and went cruising I documented the entire house with this new VR technology that was all quite experimental at the time.  I used Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio (I think that was the name) to assemble this image.  This was taken in early April of 1998 with a Kodak digital camera --  I cannot remember which model it was. It took some doing to get this image converted to post on the blog... how times have changed.  The quality certainly isn't very good but it brings back memories. I built this house in 1974 when I was 25 years old with the help of Carol and many friends, and my Dad, who came out from Illinois for the first couple of weeks of construction. We hammered every nail, shaped every stick of wood and painted and finished everything before we moved in during the fall 1975, The main house with the gambrel roof was the original structure.  In 1989 I added the glass sunroom and the garage. The skylights in the garage roof were over my studio (upstairs) and the workshop (downstairs)

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Robert said...

I remember it well Ed and the 5 alarm Chili party you and Carol had. Captain Courageous being the one that put perspiration on your brow in just approaching the pot. But your home built house was beautiful.