Monday, October 17, 2011

Cape Cod cranberry time

The Harvester - Click image for larger view
This past weekend we visited friends on Cape Cod and hiked through cranberry country and it was harvest time. Harvesting cranberries is fascinating to watch and it is all in slow motion. The colors are amazing as well.

Pumphouse and Cranberries - Click image for larger view
This bog was huge and the wind was assisting the harvest as all of the cranberries were blown to one side of the flooded bog.

Pumphouse - Click image for larger view
This pump house was operating and had two engines running inside - one Ford and one Chevy - both were operating on propane.

Yellow Capped Mushroom - Click image for larger view
Although I have posted this one already on Facebook I thought I would post it again here. We passed many mushrooms during our walk but this one stood out like a beacon.


Meg said...

FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL SERIES!! Can I get a couple prints????

Edward M. Huff said...

Of course prints are always available