Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crane on a barge

Crane & Washington Bridge, East Providence, RI - Click image for larger view
I got out for a little while today and went back down to the waterfront and attempted this crane again - getting in some of the location as well. It was a bit warmer than it has been, almost 55 degrees. I spent about an hour and 10 minutes smearing paint and ink in my sketchbook and this is the result. Should have started with the sky as it seems fairly blank. . . but am pretty happy with it regardless. I need to do some better planning to get the whole crane in the frame but I think the composition works pretty well -- I was actually trying to draw the eye into the area under the bridge and the building in the distance. And I realize now that I have completely left off a small house on top of the crane.. where the operator controls the crane..

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Brenda Swenson said...

Your artwork is always a joy to see! You have a good eye for design and color. Happy Sketching!