Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting Ready for Best of 2008

I am getting ready for the World Wide Panoramas winter event which is themed the 'Best of 2008' I am thinking of posting a VR (virtual reality 360ยบ photograph) that I took this past July during the sunset of our first day of cruising to NY City.  We were at Anchor in a safe harbor in Fishers Island, NY.   This is the first New York State land you approach when coming from the East along Long Island Sound. The anchorage was great with perfect weather and a spectacular sunset over the far Connecticut shore. The water was full of large red jellyfish that evening so we didn't do any swimming.  

I would like to hear your comments on this image.  I have until the 23rd of December to post this to the exhibition. Let me know what you think. The page may take a minute to load as the file is almost 2mb.  For those of you who may be new to VR photography you can simply click on the image and drag it around to change the view. QuickTime is required.

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jessC said...

hi ed!

looking at your stuff. so nice to see the boats again!

i'm not sure how you are submitting the image- and I am assuming its all for print but on the screen here (the wacoms) the sun is a bit too blindingly bright. you might want to take it down a little and sharpen the flag a tad. but what a peaceful scene. wish i could be there. all the best!

Jess C.