Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 2 of this blog

This morning it is raining and very windy... not that this has anything to do with anything but am trying to figure out what the hell you are supposed to write that is interesting in a blog.  OK - so the weather isn't all that interesting.  Last night Benny and I had a Luxor contest.  He was at his house and I was at mine and we both played the same game at the same time while talking on the phone.  After seven levels I was ahead by 3000 points, the day before Benny was 10,000 points ahead of me... I kicked butt. 

So here is an interesting image I just received from an old Navy buddy, and the best man at my wedding, Paul Sankey.  Can you guess what they are loading onto the plane? Yes that is right, it is a 5 mb hard drive from IBM, 1956.  Makes you appreciate the 4 GB thumb drive you have in your pocket.

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