Sunday, November 15, 2009

M/V Tapestry's Main Salon

Another shot taken at our Christmas in October event. I was trying some new techniques in stitching along with my new camera and tripod arrangement... so there are a few stitch errors here but all in all a good image. This is not HDRI but I did stitch using a technique called viewpoint correction which was a bear. This panorama took about two hours and a half to stitch... way longer than normal. But in the end it was a learning experience and I will get better at this technique as I use it more. What it does is a good patch on the bottom of the image when you have a bottom shot with a pattern that would be difficult to create in Photoshop. Typically on the bottom of a shot like this I would drop a circular image to cover the area the tripod takes up in the photo - however using the viewpoint correction technique I took a handheld shot from far off center and using PTGui was able (after many attempts) to stretch and pull it to re create the carpet on the floor without error... and there was still considerable Photoshop work to be done as well. So enjoy this one without being too critical of the stitch errors.

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