Monday, December 7, 2009

McAllister Tugs in Providence

click image to view panorama

While on my way to a doctors appointment today I passed by the
tugs docked downtown under the new I-Way bridge. The weather was not optimum for shooting but I did a quick shot. I was amazed by the amount of litter in this newly renovated area. The tugs, Roger Williams, Puma and Resolute, are now operated by McAllister Towing and have been painted red, the company's color of choice for their tugs. Reliance must be out on the job. Those of you who have been around Providence for a while will remember these same tugs as a deep green. This image is made up of 49 exposures, which you can tell by the movement of the tide coming in, changing the position of leaves that had fallen on the water. Can you spot the gorilla?

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