Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wyoming Pond at Flood

Spring flooding at the Wyoming Pond. Yes I am back here once again. The water is high everywhere around here as we have had many day of very heavy rain. The sun came out this morning and I had a few minutes before work, so I couldn't help myself. I wish some one would tap these rivers and falls for electricity. Even small generators all feeding into the main would help. . . I am amazed at the power of this water and know it could generate some power. This is a very large file, over 4 mb, so it may be slow in loading. It is an HDRI image, shot with my Nikon D300s and a Nikon 10.5mm lens, bracketed at 9 exposures at one stop apart for a total of 63 exposures.

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Meg said...

Beautiful! That water is raging! Gorgeous morning. Great colors!