Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Foundry Show, Pawtucket, RI

K. Weber Paintings at the Foundry Show - Click image for full panorama
We made our annual trip to Pawtucket to attend the Foundry show. This is a fantastic show of Rhode Island area artists from all fields. You can find most anything here.  Kathy Weber has been a long time friend and we go every year to see just what she has been is always a treat, and her prices are reasonable, as is true throughout the show. The links below will give you an idea of the depth of the show.

Kathy Weber's Booth - my favorite painter

Foundry 2  -  some cool glass art

Foundry 3 -  a view from the middle of the Foundry

Foundry 4 -  Art Head Studio

Foundry 5 -  and a jazz band - they are very good

Foundry 6 -  sculpture and mobiles

Foundry 7 -  Bryce Studio

I hope you enjoy these panoramas and stop by the Foundry this weekend and buy locally, the holidays are here. . . . . Here is a link to The Foundry Show for times and location.