Sunday, July 29, 2012

Budapest - Day 1

Looking toward Parlament on the Danube from the River Empress
Today we arrived in Budapest at 3:30 local time having left home yesterday afternoon at 5ish... it has been a long bit of traveling but well worth it.  The ship, Uniworld's River Empress exceeds expectations and Budapest looks fantastic.  Tomorrow we explore the city taking a couple of tours and doing some foot travel.  The ship also has some bikes onboard so I may get in some riding as well.

Hungarian Dessert, mmmmmmmm
 As you can see by the photo here, dinner was fabulous, this was a Hungarian dish called Chicken Paprika (or something like that) and was excellent as was the Hungarian Goulash and the starter was Hungarian salami with peppers and pickles. Outstanding food and the wait staff is absolutely first rate. Below is a picture of the dessert which I cannot describe other than it was really yummy with crepes, raisins, ice cream and lots of chocolate.  These supper pix were taken with my iPhone.. I am traveling with two video cameras, my iPhone and my Nikon, and I do have my paint box with me as well and hopefully will find some time to paint some pix along the way. I am also posting two panoramas below.  This afternoon we just hung out on the boat and unpacked and then we had a briefing about all there is to do and the safety rules and about just how strange the Hungarian language is. Click images  below to see panorama views from the boat. You should also know that the connection here is really primative ant everything takes a long time.  Am having trouble testing things so if you see problems - let me know.
View from Top Deck - Click Image to view panorama 
View from the Bow - Click image to view panorama

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Paul said...

Looks like a fantastic ship in a fabulous location. Have a great cruise.